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Team - Em Digital Marketing


Melissa, Conteudo e Idéias

Social Content & Ideas to developpement Marketing, Email remarketing 

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Juliana, Social Media

Social media designe e postagens 

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André Ricardo, Promotor de vendas na Europa

Capitação de clientes na Europa 

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Raquel Alves, Relatórios 

Criação de relatórios e resultados obtidos dos clientes


Eliseu, Sites e Emails  

Desenvolvimentos das Landings pages e sites 

Elias Madrid

Manager Marketing Hotel


Hight Hospitality Management School - Switzerland 

IT- Information System - Brasil

About Me

When I was a student of the course of information system in Brazil UEG ceres-GO in 2010 during the day I created my first physical business and was the youngest entrepreneur that year where I created my first company called Pizzaria Madrid in a small town of Nova Gloria Goias with about 17,000 inhabitants at the time, in order to impusionar the sales I started studying Marketing and develop the image of the Pizzeria, With a lot of effort and dedication in marketing I managed to boost the pizzeria, so much that people who lived in the capital of the country in Brasilia and in Goiânia, both about 300 km away, came to eat the pizzas, after 3 years, something unexpected happened, I was invited to manage a chain of Christian coffee shop, called BOOKAFÉ, This coffee shop was located in a very hidden place, but I began to study the follow up and the target audience and as it was close to the UN (United Nations Organization) and had many schools nearby, through a marketing analysis, the sales of the coffee shop had a great and satisfactory increase, With the results I won a scholarship at one of the best business schools for high standard hotels and industries in Switzerland, although the subjects were in French, I was highlighted in the marketing subjects and was among the best marks in marketing in my diploma work TDD then I did internship in hotels that are on the list of the most reputable in the world in Switzerland and the United States. After my graduation in 2019 with the pandemic and COVID the hospitality world took a break, it was then that I awakened the gift of marketing and started to develop my own business, I created a project of a network of Brazilian restaurants THE BEST OF BRAZIL, once again the pandemic came and prevented me from continuing, due to the large number of restaurants that closed, but I saw this as divine providence, it was then that I realized that these situations were only fortacelando my skills for digital marketing, I returned to Switzerland and got a job in marketing in a historical hotel in the city of Leukerbad Switzerland - Hotel de la Croix Federale, once again the fourth wave of the pandemic forced me to work from home, thanks to Marketing sales also tripled, then I decided to invest in this area that I love and love a lot and help people to expand their sales goal is to make the company increase sales digitally. And with the help of my Team we are willing to do the best for your company to increase sales.