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Team - Em Digital Marketing


Eliseu Madrid, Sites e Emails  

Website developement, webdesigne, email marketing, comunication

Raquel perfil.jpg

Raquel Alves, Relatórios 

Criação de relatórios e resultados obtidos dos clientes


Melissa, Conteudo e Idéias

Social Content & Ideas to developpement Marketing, Email remarketing 

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Juliana, Social Media

Social media designe e postagens 

Elias Madrid

Manager Marketing Hotel


Hight Hospitality Management School - Switzerland 

IT- Information System - Brasil

About Me

As a former student of Information Systems at UEG Ceres-GO in Brazil, I gained my entrepreneurial experience in 2010 when I founded my first physical business, Pizzaria Madrid, in Nova Gloria Goias. At the time, I was the youngest entrepreneur in the region and I used my marketing knowledge to grow the pizzeria to a point where people from Brasilia and Goiânia, both 300 km away, came to enjoy our pizzas.

Three years later, I was given the opportunity to manage a Christian coffee shop, Bookafé, and through careful market analysis and targeting, I was able to increase the sales of the shop significantly. This success led me to win a scholarship to study at one of the top business schools for high standard hotels and industries in Switzerland, where I excelled in marketing and was awarded with a high-performing diploma.

After graduation, I started my own project, The Best of Brazil, a network of Brazilian restaurants, but due to the pandemic, the hospitality world took a break and I was forced to pause my project. This provided me with the opportunity to delve deeper into digital marketing and I was able to secure a marketing  at the historical Hotel de la Croix Federale in Leukerbad Switzerland. Despite the challenges posed by the fourth wave of the pandemic, I was able to triple the sales through effective marketing strategies.

With my passion for marketing and my team's support, I am now committed to helping companies increase their sales and reach their goals through digital marketing efforts.

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Todos os vídeos